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Where does the time go? Lately we have been working a lot in the package design space. We are especially happy to finally reveal the Pimm’s slim line can design we have worked on for Diageo. So start scrolling down and check it out.

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Diageo – Would anyone like a Pimm’s!!!!

We started working on this project late last year and now that it is in market we can finally talk about it! The briefed to create the first slim can design for Pimm’s here in Australia. Traditionally the can design overseas are very different, and it was determined a new design was required for our market. Pimm’s is such an iconic design and we wanted to do it justice with bold stripes and a clean fresh feel.

As part of the same brief we also resized current designs for Gordon’s Pink Gin to the slim can product. Gordon’s Pink Gin has an established design already in market and our role here was to reformat this to the slim can size.

So next time you are looking for a refreshing beverage…..grab a 4 pack and enjoy the design, as well as the drink!!!


Diageo – Renders, renders and more renders!

Common Goods – Crazy times still need good design!

While some of our clients are unfortunately feeling the strain of Covid-19, one client needed some urgent design work to help the Australia feel safer.

Common Goods was founded in 2014 as a manufacturer of commonly used goods for healthy active lifestyles. And right now, as our planet faces the largest global health crisis of our time, they have put their energy into sourcing exactly what we all need right now, good, effective hand sanitisation. They have also partnered with 1% for the planet through their parent company RENY® Group to ensure they offset any environmental impact.

If you would like to order some Hand Stuff Sanitiser, visit their site by clicking here.

Bayer – 2020 Vision Conference

This was our second year helping Bayer with their annual conference. Again we were briefed to design all the keynote content for the event as well as create an intro video to start off proceedings. It was a tough gig on location in Noosa, but we managed to get the job done! No, in all seriousness, we work really hard to make these deadlines!

To view the video click here

The Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels Group – End of Financial Year Report Keynote

Our first project for The Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotel Group was an adventure. S&D travelled to their head office in Hong Kong to work with the senior leadership team on creating their end of financial year keynote. It was a tough gig, staying at the world famous Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong! It was an honour to work on such a prestigious brand. The keynote turned out great. The press conference was held on the top floor at the Peninsula Hotel, so the views really complimented the work! Stay tuned for more work coming soon.


Golden Sparrow – Ghee Label Design

This project is from a while back. We were approached to do help create a label design for a new ghee product. Unfortunately for reasons beyond our control, the project was never complete. We stumbled over the design recently and thought we would still share then as we really like where the design was heading.